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Area converter nepal:

Whether you are dealing with properties in Ropani, Aana, Dhur, Katha or Sq meters, Our comprehensive tool Area Converter Nepal simplifies the process. Explore the conversion table and utilize the calculator to effortlessly switch between different area units.

area Conversion Table
UnitDivisionsSquare MeterSquare Feet
1 Dhur    16.93182.25
1 Katha20 Dhur   338.6233,645 
1 Bigha20 Katha   6772.6372,900 
1 Dam    1.9921.39
1 Paisa4 Dam   7.9585.56
1 Aana4 Paisa   31.79342.25
1 Ropani16 Aana   508.745476

Area Converter Nepal Calculator:

Length and Area Conversion Calculator लम्बाई र क्षेत्रफल रुपान्तर क्यालकुलेटर       
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नगरपालिका Formats for Plot Area:

नगरपालिका Formats Reverse Calculation:
Ropani Ana Paisa Dam
Bigha Kattha Dhur
Output decimal place:

Note: Conversion facors based on publication by Central Bureau of Statistics,

Most Common Area units Conversions:

1 Aana=31.79 Square Meter (Sq m) =342.25 Square feet (Sq ft)

1 Dhur=16.93 Square Meter (Sq m) =182.25 Square feet (Sq ft)

1 Kathha=20 Dhur, 1Bigha=20 Kathha

1 Aana= 4 Paisa = 16 Daam

1 Aana=1.88 Dhur, 1 Kathha=10.64 Aana

1 Square meter (Sq m) =0.0315 Aana =0.059 Dhur =0.003 Kathha

How to Use Area converter Nepal Calculator:

  1. Select the Input Unit: Choose the unit of the value you’re entering.
  2. Enter the Value: Input the numerical measurement you want to convert.
  3. Choose the Output Unit: Select the desired unit for conversion.
  4. Get Instant Results: The calculator will provide the converted value instantly.
  5. नगरपालिका Format reverse calculation: If your units are in municipal format enter inputs in this section, your will get desired results. 

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