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For searching Real Estate Properties online in Nepal, there are many Real Estate websites available where we can navigate through their search sections to find the properties as our preferences. 
If you are searching for Real Estate properties online in Nepal visit website Aafnai Ghar (Buy, Sell or Rent | Real Estate Nepal) Just navigate through this page, find the property search section and enter your preferences, and browse through a wide range of available properties.

Yes, buyer or potential  buyer can direct contact in contact informations provided by property listers (who listed the property on “Aafnai Ghar”)

If you want to sell your Real Estate properties in Nepal and searching for free listing of your properties in Real Estate websites then visit Aafnai Ghar (Add Property) You can list your properties for free after signup and logging your account on Aafnai Ghar. If you plan for featuring your property then it will cost.

You can find a diverse range of properties, including homes, lands, apartments, commercial spaces, and more located all over Nepal.

If you are searching for Real Estate websites in Nepal to sell or rent your properties then visit Aafnai Ghar. Click on “Add Property,” You have to signup your account. In your dash board navigate to Add Property menu,  fill in the details, and your property will be visible to potential buyers or renters. Select the options “Sell” or “Rent” in Status field.

Certainly! Fill out inquiry form with your preferences and our team will help match you with properties that meet your criteria. You can find inquiry form in top menu section or Click link here  or visit Aafnai Ghar Homepage to section “Help to find the property section”.

Share your preferences with us, and we’ll tailor your search to find properties that align with your needs and desires. You may contact us through contact section or direct mail us at

Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for regular updates on new listings and real estate trends. You will get subscribe section at the bottom on our homepage.

Are you searching for best property website in Nepal, will be the best choice. In this real estate website, we can do straight-forward dealings and direct communication between buyers and sellers. Houses and lands can be listed in free of cost here, . It will cost only when you want to feature our property.

This website will have our own dashboard where we can see insights (views, our property reach, leads, inquiries etc) about our properties.

The website has advanced search , where we can search houses or lands as per our needs such as price range, areas, locations, types etc.

We can fill up the inquiry form for the types and features of properties we want through this Inquiry Form and website will provide matching properties already listed or in future when it will list through mails. So Aafnai Ghar can be the best choice for real estate listing, buy and sell in Nepal

Nowadays, Selling and buying real estate properties are being done through real estate websites. If you are willing to sell house in Kathmandu, then visit website Aafnai Ghar. Or go to the link for Add property , where you have to sign up your account and can list your property to sell in free of cost.

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