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Don't be left behind. Join the online trend as the new generation in Nepal is also adopting digital platforms to buy or sell property

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, buyer or potential  buyer can direct contact in contact informations provided by property listers (who listed the property on “Aafnai Ghar”) . The seller should have their own account in  Aafnai Ghar.

You can list a diverse range of properties for sell or rent, including homes, lands, apartments, commercial spaces, and more located all over Nepal.

If you are searching for Real Estate websites in Nepal to sell or rent your properties then visit Aafnai Ghar. Click on “Add Property,” You have to signup your account. In your dash board navigate to Add Property menu,  fill in the details, and your property will be visible to potential buyers or renters. Select the options “Sell” or “Rent” in Status field.

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आफ्नै एकाउन्ट बनायौँ भने हामीले नै ग्राहक संग Direct कुराकानी हुने गरि घर जग्गा पोष्ट गर्न मिल्छ । एकाउन्ट बनाए पछि हाम्रो आफ्नै ड्यासबोर्ड हुन्छ जहाँ हाम्रो घर जग्गा कति जनाले हेरियो, म्यासेजहरु, फिचर गर्नुपरे अप्सनहरु हुन्छ । सिस्टममा छ सबै ।
Laxmi Devi Sapkota
by Laxmi Devi Sapkota
ज्वाईको लागि घर किन्दा, को Inquiry फर्ममा आफुलाई चाहिएको घरको प्रकार, ठाउँ, मुल्य भरेँ , पछि उस्तैखाले घरहरुको सुझाब सहित ईमेल आइरह्यो । छानेर हामीलाइ मन परेको घर डिल भयो ।
by Ramesh Neupane

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Aafnai Ghar is here to help you showcase your property to buyers. Its free to list your property.

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